Bone Health

Bone Health

Do you have osteoporosis, joint pain or weak bones? Getting proper nutrition and exercise helps to build and maintain strong bones. Adding Calcium and Vitamin D to your daily diet increases bone calcium density. Our bones consist of one-third collagen, a group of naturally occurring proteins, which are important for maintaining healthy, strong bones. To reduce fat intake, you can get protein from low-fat sources such as beans, fish and chicken. Keeping a healthy and active routine in your daily life will assist in preventing osteoporosis-related fractures or bone loss, especially in women.

Calcium intake assists the bone remodelling process to stay balanced; this is why those with adequate calcium intake have a lower risk of bone fracture and bone loss. Bone remodelling in adults proceeds about 10% per year. Osteoporosis and many metabolic bone diseases result when there is an imbalance in the regulation of bone remodelling and bone formation.

According to Canada's Food Guide, it is recommended that adults under the age of 50, get 2 servings of milk or alternatives daily. If you are over 50, you need the equivalent of one good serving of dairy each meal. Those who are lactose intolerant have alternatives to choose from such as calcium-fortified soy, almond beverages, rice beverages and calcium-fortified orange juice.

West Coast Ayurveda provides vitamins and oils for men and women who are interested in maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle. For more information on how these vitamins and oils can help you stay active and treat rheumatic joint pains, visit our Products pages. See related products linked below. To improve agility, posture, balance and physical performance, work on muscle strengthening exercises or weight-bearing exercises at least 2-3 times a week in 30 minute sessions, or spread out throughout the day. Make sure to pay attention to the weaker areas. Work with a physical therapist to learn the right exercises for you.

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