Obesity has become a modern societal epidemic. People of all ages are overweight, and as a result, many disorders manifest. People with a Kapha–predominant body type are most prone to obesity as they are naturally well built.

Keep in mind that according to Ayurveda, all body types can become obese. Through poor eating habits and lack of physical activity, we tend to put on weight. In Ayurveda, a weakened state of agni (digestive fire) leads to our body's inability to nourish itself properly, and as a result, we begin to store fat.

At West Coast Ayurveda, we will provide you with a weight loss program tailored for you and your body's constitution. It will include education on the types of foods that your body will be able to process well, along with recommendations on how to cook certain foods.

That, with additional suggested yoga therapies, will all be part of a routine that will help you get to a healthy weight in a safe and effective manner, and we, at West Coast Ayurveda, will provide support on how to maintain it once you have reached your goals so you can live a much healthier and happier life.

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