Sexual Difficulties

Sexual Difficulties

According to Ayurveda, impotence occurs in both males and females. In females it is commonly known as frigidity. Some symptoms for both men and women include incomplete performance, or the inability to perform at all, or to reach orgasm. The main treatment for impotence in Ayurveda is to keep the body's doshas balanced by eating a balanced diet, as well as reducing fatigue and stress in one's life by utilizing yoga, exercise, meditation and rejuvenating Ayurvedic herbs. The avoidance of alcohol, smoking and other drugs is also highly recommended. It is important that your balanced diet includes a high protein content such as eggs, fish, ghee, butter, nuts, fruits, beans, soy beans and green vegetables.

Ayurvedic massage also helps to increase pranic flow in the body, therefore increasing vigour. Try our Ayurvedic oils to give yourself Abhyanga massage on a daily basis or Book An Appointment with a West Coast Ayurveda practitioner for a massage treatment suitable for you and your body type. Take the Online Body Type Quiz to find out your primary dosha constitution to know which West Coast Ayurveda oil is right for you. Sign Up for your Free Abhyanga Guide by West Coast Ayurveda, today! Your balanced diet should, of course, include essential vitamins, minerals and other nutrients as well as healing and balancing Ayurvedic herbs such as what is provided in West Coast Ayurveda's Yogi Vitamins TM-- Vita (for women) and Vita Man, which contain herbs specifically beneficial for improving the health of the reproductive organs and enhancing libido.

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