Sports Related Injuries

Sports-Related Injuries

Bone, muscle and joint health is extremely important for athletes and for those who do any sports-related physical training. According to Ayurveda, proper dietary choices are necessary to support your physical system, including getting the right minerals, vitamins and herbals supplemented into your system daily to support a healthy body. West Coast Ayurveda's Yogi VitaminTM: Vita; (women) and Vita Man; are a new type of supplement that blends essential vitamins and minerals with powerful Ayurvedic healing herbs to support your daily workout routine.

It is also essential to rid your muscles of lactic acid and your blood of ama (toxin) build up in order to keep your system limber and ready to perform. Depending upon your body type, you may give yourself a light massage daily with an Ayurvedic oil to reduce your problematic dosha. Take our Online Body Type Quiz to find out your primary dosha constitution to know which West Coast Ayurveda oil is right for you.

For daily or persistent aches and pains, treat your joints locally with our amazing Ayurvedic Soothing Oil. Add Vita Flex to your daily supplement routine, from West Coast Ayurveda's Naturals Product Line. The Naturals line is a brand new type of supplement, blending vitamins and minerals with powerful Ayurvedic herbs. Vita Flex provides full joint support for athletes and those suffering from joint pain, inflammation and soreness of the joints, stiff joints, arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Combining Vita Flex with Soothing Oil is the perfect "1-2 Punch" for supporting your joints and treating joint pain. An external remedy combined with a whole new type of internal remedy creates a powerful healing potential from the inside out, and from the outside in. West Coast Ayurveda's Kapha oil can be used topically to heal small wounds, cuts and scrapes.

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