Arthritis/Joint Pain

Arthritis/Joint Pain

Arthritis and Joint Pain is a widespread ailment today, and the treatment of Arthritis can be quite complex in Ayurveda, as it can be the result of any of the 3 major doshas going out of balance due to diet and lifestyle choices. Vata arthritis is characterized by dry, crackling and popping joints. Pitta arthritis induces inflammation and heat, and Kapha arthritis produces cold and clammy, swollen joints.

The unbalanced dosha slows down the agni, or digestive fire, resulting in the accumulation of ama (residual toxins) in the body. Colon issues result in these toxins reaching and affecting the joints. It is well-known in Ayurvedic circles that Vata dosha and a lack of agni, with subsequent build-up of ama, are the 2 main causes of Arthritis and joint pain.

Fasting is extremely beneficial for eliminating ama. Lemon water in the morning and evening on an empty stomach, will assist this detoxification process. The length of the fast, to be beneficial, depends upon may factors, including your body constitution, the seasons and the severity of your symptoms. Please book an appointment with a West Coast Ayurveda practitioner to find out more specific information for your body type. Also, see our Drink Hot Water Health Tip on how drinking hot water daily will also help to eliminate these toxins.

Abhyanga daily massage can be performed to reduce Vata or help to control the out-of-balance dosha. You may give yourself a light massage daily with Ayurvedic oil to reduce your problematic dosha, and treat your joints locally with our amazing Ayurvedic Soothing Oil. Book an appointment with West Coast Ayurvedic practitioners for a suitable massage treatment for your body consitution.

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