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Who should come see us?

Anyone is eligible and encouraged to see us. At West Coast Ayurveda, our door is always open to you. People from all walks of life come to see us, ranging from the very young to the elderly. Whatever your reasons may be, whether they are chronic ailments that you wish to help manage, or the alleviation of pain and stress from your life, the knowledge of Ayurveda will enable you to live a healthier and happier life. Yoga instructors find that a knowledge of Ayurveda greatly enhances their practice and enables them to have a greater understanding of their students. The lives and interpersonal relationships of mothers, fathers, grandparents, children, couples and single people will all be enriched by the knowledge of Ayurveda. Heal yourself through Wellness for Mind, Body and Soul TM. Book a consultation today.

Personal Consultations $108.00

Personal consultations include an in-depth evaluation of your Ayurvedic body type as well as a discussion regarding any personal or health related issues you may be experiencing. Afterwards, a program tailored specificially for you will be created based on your personal needs. The cost of this consultation is $108.00 CAD, inclusive of all taxes, and the length of the consultation will be between 60-90 minutes depending upon your concerns. A follow-up consultation will be scheduled approximately 30-40 days after the initial consult, and will last approximately 15-30 minutes. The follow-up appointment may be conducted by phone. Consultations will be held at our Coal Harbour Downtown Vancouver location by appointment only. Mobile consultations are only available to the elderly and those with mobility issues. There is a $25 CAD surcharge for mobile consultations in outlying areas such as Mission or Abbotsford. Please note that the cost of herbs and oils is not included in the consultation, but they may be purchased at an additional cost for personal therapeutic purposes.

Couples Consultations $199.00

Often it is beneficial to do a consultation with our partners. Understanding the nature of our partners helps to build strong and healthy personal relationships on many levels. Generally, the things we tend to argue about in relationships come from simple misunderstandings, or an inability to understand the general nature of our partner. By working through a consultation together, you can strengthen your relationships with a much deeper understanding of one another. The cost of a couples consultation is $199 CAD, and includes all of the individual consultation features within an increased appointment time (approximately 2 hours). Enhance your personal relationships by booking a consultation today..

Corporate Consultations $69 - $89 per Staff person

Everyone knows that a happy, healthy employee is a wonderful benefit to any company. Through our wellness and counselling programs, workers will be able to better cope with stress and the management of any ailments they may be experiencing. The obvious benefit of reduced employee downtime at/from work due to health issues, is more than enough reason to consider wellness consultations for your staff. Prices for corporate consultations range between $69 and $89 CAD per employee depending on the size of your staff. A minimum of five consultations is required to book a corporate consultation, as it often entails an entire day of the practitioner's time, spending this time at your office and available to your staff. For larger companies, a week can be set aside for consultations with staff. All consultations will be similar to personal consults in that the practitioner will spend one-on-one time with each of the employees to deal with their specific concerns. For the demanding schedules of corporate executives and middle management, more emphasis will be placed on the alleviation of stress-related issues. Book a consultation for your staff and see the amazing results for yourself.


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