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Lifestrength Balance Wrist Bands

The Vitamin You Wear (TM)

Lifestrength wrist bands, PURE SERIES "balance bracelets" are The Vitamin You Wear (TM). The bands come in 2-tone colour choices: 1. Black with Lime Green inside; 2. Grey with Light Green inside; 3. Blue with White inside; 4. Red with Black inside; 5. All White. "LifeStrength provides you with the opportunity to exploit your natural abilities, feel healthier, and gain the confidence you need to compete at the highest levels, reduce stress and improve your self-assurance. How is this accomplished? LifeStrength balance wristbands and energy bracelets utilize the exclusive Ion Health Technology process that uniquely aggregates the positive properties of seven minerals and gemstones into a performance enhancing and attractive balance bracelet that can comfortably be worn 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Ion Health technology effectively supplies 10 to 25 times the quantity of mineral benefits as other bracelets and balance band products. Our proprietary blend of minerals produces a negative ion charge to counteract the prevalence of positively charged particles you are exposed to everyday with vehicles, structures and technology devices. LifeStrength balance bracelets rejuvenate your body and replace the depleted negative ions which contribute to an overall healthier lifestyle. In conjunction with a balanced diet, physical exercise and positive outlook, the LifeStrength Edge Series balance wristband provide advantages that enable you to excel beyond the typical measures of strength, balance and flexibility. You can not only perform better physically, but your cognitive acuity can be enhanced, sleep is reported to be improved, and your balance can become steadier" ( "While today’s technology has improved, simplified and secured our environment, it has simultaneously created some significant negative health ramifications. Our increased exposure to chemicals, electromagnetic discharge, and other neurological and physical toxins has paralleled rising rates of cancers, stress, sleep disorders and a myriad of accompanying illnesses. That’s where we come in" (

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