Positivity And Clear Mind

Positivity and a Clear Mind

Ayurvedic wisdom goes beyond the simple “Think Positive” mantra to connecting this to the ethical spiritual side of life. In other words, not only is it important to try to keep your mind steeped in positive thoughts, but it is important to instill routine and right living in your life in order to assist and manifest a change in your thought patters from negative to positive in all situations and regarding all things.

If you are religious, say a prayer daily or twice a day in the morning and before bed. If you are spiritual, recite a mantra. If you are neither, find a positive, affirming quote by someone you admire, and recite that.

Avoid speaking ill of others and of thinking ill thoughts of yourself. Still your negative emotions such as jealously, anger, greed, sadness, depression, fear, etc., through the use of meditation and yogic practices. And, most importantly, enjoy life! Continually try new things to keep your mind flexible and adaptable, and participate in activities that are enjoyable for you.

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