Scrape Your Tongue

Scrape Your Tongue

Have you seen your tongue in the morning? Ayurvedic practitioners can diagnose your body type and a whole host of illnesses or issues simply by looking at your tongue. A pretty pink tongue indicates healthy organs and a properly functioning digestive system.

What does your tongue look like? Does it have a white or yellow coating? Bumps? Fissures? Black spots? All these signs and more indicate an unhealthy organ or out of balance dosha and toxins that are not being properly eliminated from your system. A healthy mouth, including tongue, teeth and tissues, equals healthy blood free from toxins.

First, scrape off the toxins on your tongue so that you don’t ingest them again. Use a tongue scraper or a stainless steel spoon. There are many plastic scrapers on the market. Copper scrapers are very beneficial, especially for Kapha dosha persons. Scrape from back to front in the morning after brushing your teeth... usually 10-15 strokes will clean the tongue thoroughly, but make sure not to press to hard and scrape it raw.

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