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Soothing Oil™

West Coast Ayurveda`s Soothing oil is a safe and effective anti-inflammatory, analgesic and herbal liniment. It is used for local application in muscular-skeletal spasms, etc. It stimulates peripheral circulation and thus relieves heaviness, numbness and swelling. Ayurvedic anti-rheumatic herbal agents are synergized by the essential oil of Cymbopogon citratus (Lemon Grass) and Cedrus deodara (Devadaru) in Sesame oil. The oil is non-sticky, non-staining, and non-greasy. The fragrance is invigorating and and has a clearing, calming influence on the mind.

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After years of back pain aggravated by hereditary...

"After years of back pain aggravated by hereditary genes and work, I have been looking for a solution to help solve my back pain. I tried multiple solutions, most of which included massages that relieved my pains temporarily for a few days, but would shortly return. Then I was given a sample trial of West Coast Ayurveda`s Soothing Oil, and the effects felt relatively similar to the deep-tissue massages I had enjoyed previously. However, after learning about the cost comparison, I realized that the Soothing Oil was significantly cheaper. The aroma that lingered in my room after applying the oil was unique, but soothing at the same time, and filled the room for the rest of the night, leading to an easy night's sleep. The final result was a pain free back for several days, leading me to become interested in purchasing more products fromWest Coast Ayurveda in the future."



After trying a sample of West Coast Ayurveda...

"After trying a sample of West Coast Ayurveda's Soothing Oil, I was happy to experience how quick and efficacious the results were. The painful knots in my upper back released while I massaged the oil thoroughly into my back muscles for approximately ten minutes. The oil was non-sticky, non-greasy and quick to absorb. It was also non-staining, and it had a relaxing, natural aroma of Lemon Grass, Himalayan Cedar and Sesame Oil. For two full days (and only having using about a quarter of the package), my chronic upper back pains were nowhere to be found! My skin felt softer, and I experienced a very calm, long lasting sleep that night. It was the first time in four years, since my motor vehicle accident, that I have tried an all natural product like West Coast Ayurveda's Soothing Oil. I have tried many pharmaceutical drugs for back pains, muscle spasms, rheumatic pain and joint pain, but I have never tested or experienced an oil that could soothe and relieve more than one issue all at once like this one does!"