What is my ayurvedic body type ?

What is my ayurvedic body type ?

This is a short quiz to help you determine your Ayurvedic  body type or Prakriti (your body’s natural state of being).  Keep in mind that this is a mini version of the questions that you would be answering during a consultation. It is just to provide you with an idea of what your Ayurvedic body type may be.  In order to fully understand your body constitution, book a consultation where we can get a much more accurate picture of your natural state.

Book a Consultation  for a much more detailed and comprehensive evaluation of your body type.

A few things to remember when answering:

1.Always answer the questions in accordance to how you have been most of your life. For example, if you have been thin most of your life and have recently in the past few years gained a lot of weight, then answer with that in mind. If you have recently become ill or suffer from a chronic disease, then answer based on how you were before the illness.

2.Remember to answer based on what has been true and not on what you want to be.  If you are having difficulty answering some questions, then ask a friend or family member to assist you.  They should be able to give you a fair and honest opinion.

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